Race Information

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Dates & Timing

The Kantipur Marathon 2022 is happening on June 4th 2019, Saturday. The marathon will start at 7:05 AM sharp. The participants are requested to arrive on the venue at 6:00 AM before the commencement of the marathon.

Race Day

4th June , 2022 (Jestha 21, 2079)

Reporting Time

6:00 AM

Race Starting Time

7:05 AM

Participants must be behind the starting line before 6:50 AM

Route Description

The Kantipur Half Marathon 2022 will start from Kantipur Publication central office in Central Business Park, Thapathali. The participants will run towards Maithighar Mandala followed by Baneshower, Tinkune, Koteshower, Lokanthali, Thimi, Sallaghari and Katunje. The participants will have to return back from Katunje, Sallaghari, Thimi, Lokanthali, Koteshower, Tinkune, Baneshower, Maitighar Mandala and back to the Central Business Park, Thapathali where the finishing line will be placed. All three categories of marathon start and finish at the Central Business Park, Thapathali.



A half marathon is a road running event of 21.0975 kilometers– half the distance of a marathon. The Kantipur Half Marathon runners will cover total of 21.1 km from start to finishing line. The corporate run will be of total 5 kilometers. Wheelchair race is of 3 kilometers in total.


Top six runners in half marathon—the 21.1km race—are assured of cash prizes. The champions will walk away with Rs 1,00,000 each. Runners-up will take home Rs 50,000, while third placed finishers will receive Rs 30,000 in both the categories. Fourth, fifth and sixth runners in half marathon in both categories will win Rs 20,000, Rs 10,000 and Rs 5,000 respectively. Top three winners in the three-km wheelchair race in men’s and women’s categories will be rewarded with equal cash prizes.  Winners of both men’s and women’s events will earn Rs 30,000 each, while the second and third-placed athletes will earn Rs 20,000 and Rs 10,000 in both the categories. Top three runners in the 5km Corporate Run will earn 2 Nights 3 Days Pokhara Package, 1 Night Nagarkot Stay and Mountain Flight Ticket respectively.
Kantipur Prizes

Half Marathon

A half marathon is a road running event of 21.0975 kilometers (13.1094 mi) – half the distance of a marathon. The Kantipur Half Marathon runners will cover total of 21.1 km from start to finishing line.

  • 1st Prize

    NRs. 1,00,000

  • 2nd Prize

    NRs. 50,000

  • 3rd Prize

    NRs. 30,000

  • 4th Prize

    NRs. 20,000

  • 5th Prize

    NRs. 10,000

  • 6th Prize

    NRs. 5,000


Wheel Chair Race Route

Wheel Chair Race

Wheelchair race is of 3 kilometers in total.

  • 1st Prize

    NRs. 30,000

  • 2nd Prize

    NRs. 20,000

  • 3rd Prize

    NRs. 10,000

  • 1st Prize

    2 Nights 3 Days Pokhara Package
  • 2nd Prize

    1 Night Nagarkot Stay
  • 3rd Prize

    Mountain Flight Ticket

Corporate 5km Run

The corporate run will be of total 5 kilometers.

Corporate 5km Run Route

kantipur marathon race information

BIB Numbers

Bib numbers are a tool for race directors to distinguish thousands of runners apart and to simplify the seemingly impossible task of getting a time for each and every one of these runners. Made of Tyvek (a durable, plastic-like paper product) or cloth, bib numbers are designed to pin onto a t-shirt or racing vest and withstand sweat, rain and tears while moving with the competitor’s’ body.

The participants will receive their bib numbers at the day of Kantipur Marathon. All runners will receive two bib numbers and both must be worn during the race. One bib must be attached to the front of the body and another one is for the back. The bib numbers are colour coded according to the categories you are running. Half Marathon bibs are red for men, numbered from 1501 to 2500 and green for women, numbered from 3001 to 3400. 5km Corporate  Run bib are colored black for men, numbered from 201 to 800 and yellow for women, numbered from 801 to 1200 and the Wheelchair Race bib are colored blue for both men and women, numbered from 01 to 50. The bibs are not to be bent or folded.

Traffic Information

Route logistics

Kilometre signs are placed at each kilometre along the route. The directions are placed along the route to ensure the runners are heading towards the right direction. The signs will also indicate the distance the participants have accomplished. There will be water stations and wet sponge booths at approximately every 4 kilometres along the route.

Traffic Information

Please note that the route is not closed off for traffic. Although traffic is not heavy during Saturday mornings, the participants are to take care while running on main roads and look out for vehicles.
Traffic Information
Personal belongings

Personal belongings

It is possible to deposit bags with personal items for use before the race. Luggage can be stored in the designated luggage area at the Central Business Park, Thapathali inside Kantipur Publication central office itself. Please mark your bag clearly with your name and bib number. To avoid unnecessary queuing on the morning of race day, please mark your luggage before entering inside Kantipur Publication central office. Although the luggage area is manned, depositing personal belongings in the area is entirely each runner’s responsibility. The Kantipur Marathon organizers are not responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings.


Marathon runners of all three categories must be minimum 18 years old on race day. In order to be eligible in registration process, the participants must bring a copy of Nepali citizenship certificate along with one passport size photo of the participant while submitting the application form.